Product Series

IGBT Absorption Capacitors

C31 IGBT Absorption Capacitor

Technical Parameter

Reference Standards

IEC61071 .GB/T17702

Operating Temperature Range

-40℃~+85℃ (Max. +105℃)

Capacity Range

0.047μF -10μF

Rated Voltage

700 VDC -3000VDC

Capacity Tolerance

±5%(J); ±10%(K)

Withstand voltage

1.5Un Dc/10S

Dissipation Factor

tgδ≤0.0005 C≤1μF f=10KHz
Tgδ ≤ 0.0010 C≥1μF f=10KHz

Insulation Resistance

C≥0.33μF Rs≥30000MΩ(at20℃ 100VDC 60S)
C>0.33 μF RsC≥10000S (at20℃ 100VDC 60S)

Flame Retardation


Life Expectancy

100000hrs at Un and 85℃

● IGBT buffer absorption circuit protection; IGBT buffer absorption device

● Widely used in power electronic equipment UPS, inverter, induction heating, electric welding machine and other equipment peak voltage, peak current absorption protection

 Plastic shell, flame-retardant epoxy encapsulation

● Tinned copper sheet extraction

● Resistance to high voltage, low dissipation factor

 Low ESL, low ESR, low temperature rise

● High pulse current, high dV/dt affordability 

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