The rapid development of film capacitor industry in China mainly benefits from the transfer of electronic components industry. In 2019, the domestic market size of China’s film capacitors reached 1.25 billion US dollars, accounting for about 57% of the global total output value. At present, the film capacitor industry is changing from a period of rapid growth to a period of stable development, capacitor market capacity is increasing, Guangdong Huayu Electronic Co., Ltd. (short as GDHY) invites global strength, sincere partners to discuss plans, in order to build a more perfect service network.

Founded in 1994, having 2 more-than-6,000㎡ production bases in Guangzhou city and Zhongshan city respectively, Guangdong Huayu Electronic Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the manufacture of film capacitors. With strictly implementing the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, we have got approvals from UL, VDE, KC, SGS, CQC, etc. Hundreds of our partners and customers like Panasonic and EMERSON in over 30 countries and regions have enjoyed almost 30 years of our professional service. You are warmly welcome to our GDHY brand partnership!

Film capacitors industry is in a period of rapid development. Should you have the same ambition and expectation, let us work together with our passion and strength, and we really believe that in the future cooperation, we will be able to create more brilliant achievements together.

Our Advantages
Professional R&D team and sales management with almost 30 years experience help you start your own business easier. Provide full support all the time, to make your business safe and stable.
Our Customization - Professional & Efficient
Our Customization - Professional & Efficient
Our customization service is comprehensive, professional, and efficient. We have completed lots of customization orders and have won the appreciation of our customers.
Comprehensive industrial chain
Comprehensive industrial chain
From plastic film material to finished products (one-stop film capacitors industry chain), synonymous with high-quality and affordable film capacitors brand.
Strong R&D strength
Strong R&D strength
With strong R&D strength, a R&D team of more than 20 people, we have established strategic cooperation with some well-known domestic and foreign power enterprises.
Multiple series of products
Multiple series of products
Rich product series widely used in high power and high frequency resonant devices, household appliances, consumer electronics, electric/hybrid vehicles and chargers, inverter welding equipment, induction heating equipment, wind energies, solar power converters, PV inverter, wind power converter, UPS power supplies, IGBT snubbers, high current resonances, high frequency inverters, welding machines, metallurgy smelting, high-frequency inverters, harmonic filtering, EMC, high-power traction and strong magnetic generating devices, laser pulse power supplies, high-frequency communication base station, power feed through filters, medical equipment and other industries.
The strength of the GDHY
The strength of the GDHY
The GDHY has strong strength, 3 working offices, 2 high and stable capacity production bases, 1 extensive experienced major business GDHY, providing R&D support, film capacitors trade, customization services for many well-known electronics company both in domestic market as well as abroad.
Complete products technical and operation solutions policy.
We combine the global market and operation conditions of the franchise stores to combine, design and plan the promotion and marketing programs.
You will be provided a series of management plans of franchisees, including job setting, performance management, store systems etc.
Strong research and development team and technical strength for the regular update and upgrade of new products to provide guarantee.
You will be provided suggestions for targeted store design and decoration and store layout design, to maximize the display of brand image and the brand effect. Reduce expense at the same time.
You will be provided centralized and intensive training for the franchise stores, assists in guiding the opening preparation and performance improvement, and completely ensures the market adaptability of the franchise stores.
Joining Conditions
1. Franchisees need to be familiar with the local market, have certain economic strength, have good business reputation, and have certain social connections in the local.
2. Franchisees should have a sense of responsibility to maintain the corporate brand image and identify with GDHY business and management philosophy.
3. Franchisees need to have a positive desire to create wealth, innovation consciousness, and as a business partner, willing to maintain a long-term cooperation.
4. Franchisees need to have a certain legal awareness and the ability to deal with all kinds of unexpected problems.
5. Franchisees must have an independent, legal business license.
Joining Process
According to the store opening address provided by the franchisee, the GDHY determines the feasibility of the project and jointly determines the final site selection plan.
Understand through investment consultation

Understand the company profile and business model through investment channels such as conferences, training, and advertisements.

Understand the joining conditions and requirements.

Determine the intention to open a store.

Fill out the application form for joining
The franchisee fills in the "Join Application Form", the required certification and the information documents of the operating ability, and submits it to us for review.
Company assessment

After receiving the application form, we will review the specific conditions and conditions of the franchisee.

After the examination is passed, the applicant is notified and the contract can be signed.

Signing a contract

The company provides the text of the franchise contract and explains it.

The company signs a franchise contract with the franchisee to clarify the cooperation methods, rights and obligations of both parties.

Pay the relevant joining fees.

Address selection and certification

According to the store opening address provided by the franchisee, the company determines the feasibility of the project and jointly determines the final site selection plan.

After the store location is confirmed, the franchisee needs to apply for business license and other relevant documents.

Decoration design, recruitment

The franchisee provides the floor plan of the business site, and the company is responsible for designing the decoration scheme and renderings.

Under the guidance of the company, select materials and decorate according to the company's unified design plan.

Recruit the personnel required for operation.


The company will provide franchisees with training on opening a store.

Management software and hardware operation training.

Market analysis and market channel development guidance.

Staff training.


Implement the opening publicity plan and promotional measures.

Hold the opening ceremony.

Track the opening operation and provide advice.

Timely feedback on the initial operation of the business.

Business guidance

Standardize the operation and report the operation situation to the company in a timely manner.

Implement the company's various publicity and promotion measures.

The company provides training and guidance to franchisees from time to time.

Production order

The franchisee places production orders for production according to the franchise agreement.

to deliver a certain deposit.

Logistics and distribution

Distribution will be carried out and delivery through logistics.

The goods are generally sent to the franchisee's place of operation.

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