Brand Story
Brand Story

Guangdong Huayu Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Yang in 1994. With his professional electronic background and extensive experience in the industrial products import and export market and film capacitors solutions.

He also realized that the market is disorganized, homogeneous, uneven, and that most suppliers lack innovation. Eventually he settled on industrial film capacitors as the main business line and created the GDHY brand. And afterwards he got the approval of authorized distributor of Panasonic film capacitors in 1998.

With our core values of customer service, high-quality and ongoing innovation having been the keys to our continued success, we are committed to constantly providing and creating maximum value for our partners and customers with overall solutions of film capacitors .

Brand Vision

To continuously harness the power of emerging technologies to create innovative solutions that uniquely satisfy existing or latent needs of our customers.

To achieve the prosperity of the enterprise. Employees can be engaged and happy.

Meeting the request and creating maximum value for all of our clients are the greatest pursuit of Huayu people.

Brand Values
Customer service, high-quality and ongoing innovation
High efficiency
High efficiency
Large production capacity per day, adequate stock ready to ship. Most customers always place large orders for one time.
High quality
High quality
Our company strictly implement the ISO9001:2015 quality management system. The advanced producing & testing equipment and the high quality after-sales service make the company stable in quality.
People oriented
People oriented
Passion to offer high quality products and service to all clients is our driving force. Also focus on personal growth of our staff.
Continuous improvement
Continuous improvement
We strive to redefine our operating standards. This means more efficient, safer and more effective products to our customers. Continuous innovation is our improvement driving force.

● The new manufacturing base Zhongshan factory was officially put into operation, with a total production area of 8000 square meters.

● Awarded as National High-tech Enterprise.

● Until now more than 50 product utility and appearance patents have been obtained.

New brand HY created to strengthen the company's global presence.

● UL certificate of compliance of component - fixed capacitors (MKP-X2) for us in electronic equipment was certified.

● VDE marks approval of fixed capacitors for electromagnetic interference suppression and connection to the supply mains (MKP-X2) was approved.

● KC safety certificate of MKP-X2 capacitors was attained.

● SGS est report of metallized film capacitors was issued.

● CQC product certificate of fixed capacitors for electromagnetic interference suppression and connection to the supply mains (MKP-X2) was obtained.

Guangdong Zhonghui Hi-Tech, the new manufacturing base was officially put into operation, with a production area of more than 6,000 square meters.
Invested in the establishment of a new manufacturing base in Guangzhou and started to produce film capacitors for new energy and high-power industries.

● Certified with Quality Management System GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 (updated).

● R&D and production of EMI suppression MKP-X2 capacitors and power electronics film capacitors with GDHY as logo for new energy and high power industries.

Production of metallized film capacitors for use with GDHY as logo in home appliances and consumer electronics.
Guangdong Huayu Electronics Co., Ltd. (GDHY for short) was established, entered the film capacitor industry, and later became an authorized distributor of Panasonic film capacitors.
Founder Messages

Household appliance, consumer electronics, transport tool, inverter welding, inductive heating machines, wind and solar power converter... These are just some places where GDHY film capacitors are being used.

GDHY has been earning the trust of customers by supplying power sources such as high-quality, high-performance and highly durable film capacitors, not in China but around the world.

We have experienced various innovative practices from conception to product development, and accumulated rich practical experience. Under the premise that the whole people are pursuing high-quality products and life, in order to achieve it, We will definitely walk ahead of times, and innovate for interest, to innovate for society and responsibility, this is a matter of responsibility, and We hope to bring more support and help to the improvement of people's living quality.

In step with changes in the social environment and economic circumstances, needs for our products and services across the world are constantly changing. In this environment, we will continue to contribute to the development of society by seeking out the products and services that best meet those needs, and providing them to our customers.

We hope that we can continue to count on your support for the GDHY group.

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